Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tip of the Day !

Tip of the Day - Choose your colour shade accordingly 

Hair colour is vital in finding your own style. You may want a more sultry feminine look or opt for an edgy appearance. Either way, you want to ensure that it suits you to a T.

The best way to choose the correct colour is to firstly count out the colours that won't suit you. Natural skin tone is a great indication of what tones will flatter...
or not. If you have a very warm rozy skin, you would be better off going with a cooler set of tones throughout your Do.  As seen in the photos below.  Both these girls have a very warm rozy skin and have opted for more of an ash toned blonde.

When you have a very cool or olive skin, you can get away with darker warmer tones. 
As you can see below, SJP and LC both have cool skin with yellow undertones.  This ensures that they can pull off a more golden, warmer shade of blonde.

Eyecolour can be made more prominent by choosing a correct shade as well.

For example, Green eyes can light up when a shade of red is added.  (As you will also notice here, the model has a red-warm hair colour and an olive toned skin with yellow undertones.  Because her skin is not rozy she is able to pull of this dramatic warm look.  The green eyes make for an overall great look.)

Blue eyes will pop out when a very dark base is used, see below. (You will notice Katy Perry has a very cool natural skin colour.  Apart from the roze blush used, the skin is not rozy in colour itself.  This cool natural base ables her to pull off such a dramatic jet black look without it looking unnatural or too heavy in any way.  The blue eyes again make for a dramatic statement and a great individual look.)

You should always go with matching the skin-tone first as the blend between your skin tone and your hair colour will be the most noticable and most impacting aspect of your look.

There are always exeptions to these rules.  Some people have a very neutral skin and some people can just pull off any colour or tone and it would still look great.  These are just guidelines.

 A Professional Stylist can help you make the most out of your colour ;)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

2012 Trend Alert !

Trend Alert 2012 - Blondes

Platinum blonde was one of the fashion hair colour trends in the spotlight of 2011.
The trend for the 2012 season is champagne blonde. Last year’s platinum blonde tones are replaced by softer beige blonde and brilliant champagne blonde shades.

Dependent on the natural colour of your hair, much less removal of pigment is required. Of course, for some natural darker hair pre-lightening may still be required but for the natural lighter shades this can be a fabulous change without harming the hair to a great extent.


Singer Taylor Swift's Beige Blonde Manes
(A warm medium to light-blonde with cool undertones)

Model Jessica Stam's new Champagne Blonde Look
(A cool medium to light-blonde with warm undertones blending through)

This will be one of the trends guaranteed to be sparkeling on both the Catwalk and the Red Carpet this year !