Q & A - All your questions about Hair answered !

Q&A - All your Quentions about Hair answered

Question from Becky
Will hair be fine if i permantly straighten it and also deep condition it?
i want to know all the facts before i actually permantly straighten my hair. Will it be ok or really damaged ?

Dear Becky,

There is a new service on the market also known as 'Nano Keratin' or 'The Brazilian Straightening treatment' which may be an alternative which won't damage your hair as much !

This is done by using a Keratin solution, which is then Blowdried and Straightened into your hair. You can not wash your hair for 72 hours. This is awkward but, the results are amazing.

This is more of an antri-frizz treatment and it does not promise a totally deadly straight result. However, it is not damaging as the keratin restructures the hair and feeds it with nutrients.

Have a think about it, look it up on the web and find out if any salons near-by have this service, so that you can go in for an initial consultation with a professional and see if it the right treatment for you.

Question from Sam D
I have really think and I need to wash it everyday or else the roots of my hair will look like someone poured grease on them. I heard this was bad and was told to wash my hair every other day, and on the day I don't wash my hair just run warm water through my hair. Supposedly the grease is washed through my hair and it acts kinda like a conditioner. Then when I'm done run cold water through my hair to keep in the shine. Is this ok to do or should I do something else?

Dear Sam D,

When your hair gets greasy so quickly, this is usually due to a number of factors.
These factors are

- Diet and Lifestyle
- The shampoo you are currently using
- The amount and usage of your conditioner
- Your scalps natural production of sebum

Now, some of these you can not control. HOWEVER the shampoo and conditioner you are currently using are obviously WRONG for you. Supermarket brands usually contain sillicone and sulphates in their shampoo and conditioners as these are cheap ingredients for them to use. These will create a BUILD-UP in your hair primarily at the roots, and you will have the reoccuring problem of greasy hair after a day or so !

Professional products are more expensive but in cases like this, the best option. You will need a light shampoo and maybe even a light spray conditioner instead of a creamy one. Also, ONLY APPLY CONDITIONER TO THE MIDLENGTH TO ENDS OF YOUR HAIR. With your hair type, putting it on the scalp is like adding the grease straight back to it.

Also, if you wash your hair with very hot water this can make your scalp produce more grease which will just add to your problem.

Question from Natalie
I really want my hair to be blonde. Like bleach blonde but everybody tells me my hair will break and fall out if i do it since my hair is thin? I mean, it is thin but it really isnt that thin... can i bleach it?

Dear Natalie,

This all depends on your hairs current state. Is it already coloured ?
Is the condition good/medium/weak ?
Also, what is the current shade of your hair ?

All these are huge factors in determing whether or not you can have a full head bleach application without too much damage caused to your hair.

If you have a light colour already, from a light brown to a blonde, and it is natural (no colour what so ever) You are able to get a very light blonde with using permanent hair colour *special blonde* with a high peroxide.

When your hair is already coloured, it is impossible to lighten without bleach.

Thin caucasian hair is unfortunately quite fragile and you may be better off having a full head of fine violet/ashy toned highlights which will give a lighter effect all over without a yellow look.

Question from L
I have dark brown hair and want to temporarily dye my hair for crazy hair day. What type of hair coloring works best?
I do not want to bleach my hair.

Dear L,

Unfortunately a temporary colourant does not give any lift what so ever.
You can only go to a similiar base or a darker one. On the crazy colour subject, with a dark base there is not much that will show. Although it is not impossible to get a red/violet or blue tone to it, with a temp colour.

If you want a crazy eye popping colour, you will have to use permanent colour or bleach, as there is just no way that a temp. colourant will do this for your dark base.

Why not go for a crazy coloured wig ? Or even a few crazy pink strand extensions ?

*Feedback from L : Thanks so much for the advice! I'm going to try colored extensions instead *

Question from Bao Hang

I have a little hair bleach powder left, and I want to dye my hair brown.
Currently, a part of my hair is like orangy brown.
How do I dye my hair black to brown with hair bleach and how long do I have to wait?

Dear Bao Hang,

Home colouring is very dangerous for several reasons.

The main reason is also the most obvious one. You will not get the result you want because you don't have any knowledge on the products that you are using, or the make up of your own hair.

Bleach is very harsh and a full on scalp application is never recommended with just any normal 'supermarket' bleach !

If your hair is already a warm to orange colour, adding more bleach will only make it snap and make it an even more uneven colour resulting in a mixture of yellow orange and brown bits.

A professional will have the knowledge to tone the hair and to pre-pigment the hair for the correct result of a brown that you are aiming for. Please stop damaging your hair and get a professional to fix it for you with a colour correction service.

Remember, Once hair is damaged to a certain extent, it will not go back to it's original health. It will have to grow out, and this can take a long time especially when the hair keeps breaking due to the extent of the damage.

If you have any specific question regarding hair that you need answered, just ask ! Post it in the comments box below this page and I will happily answer it for you ! :)

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