Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tip of the Day - Say Yes to Serum

Say 'Yes !' to Serum

Any hairstyle can benefit from some added shine. Weither you have a finer hair type, or thicker coarse hair, the use of serum is always recommended.

It is a common misconception that serum can only be used on thicker hair types.  In this day and age, serums are widely available and so, also available for any hair type.  

Serum is not only a shine tool, but it is also a great sealing product.  It can keep your split ends from damaging more by literally 'sealing' the ends.  It is also great to help prevent split ends, by sealing the hair and keeping it protected from the daily effects of your hectic life !

Serum is an all-round good essential product, and I will not ever finish a sleek style without it.  As I mentioned before, you may need professional advice to ensure that you purchase the correct serum for your hair type, but believe me once you have found the perfect serum you will not want to do without !

Here is a list of my favorite Serum's and for which hair type I believe they work best:

  • L'oreal Tecni-Art Serum Liss Control Plus : Coarser, Curly Hair Types
  • L'oreal Tecni-Art Serum Hair Mix Sublime Shine (Factor 1) : Fine to Normal Hair Types
  • Matrix Biolage Smoothing Hair Serum : Normal to Medium Hair Types
  • Tigi S-Factor Dream Drops Serum : Medium to Coarser Hair Types

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