Monday, 21 April 2014

Ombre Hair Trends


The Ombre Hair Colour Trend started hitting the magazines back in late 2012 with stars like Jessica Biel and Rachel Bilson hit the streets with luscious lightened ends.  It really started catching on with the trend-setters around the beginning/Spring 2013, and many of us have caught the bug !
I'm a big fan of the Ombre look, and happy to report that this trend has not only been rolling over to early 2014, but will stay a mayor hit this Summer ! 

But the real fun has only just begun... this Summer experiment with Pastel Tones or Crazy Vibrants to really turn up the heat in Summer 2014.  Not as much of a Dare-Devil ?  Fear not, why not ask your Stylist for some Ombre-like highlights a-la SJP (see pic below) throughout the ends of your style to incorporate some Sass into your beach waves !


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