Sunday, 27 April 2014

Pastels Summer 2014

Here's a post for the Barbie Blondes out there, and the Brunettes alike looking for a complete change for this Summer 2014.

One of the Hottest Trends off the Catwalk this Summer is the Pastel Blonde look, which has taken the fashion world by storm many a time.  In Spring/Summer 2013 it was a massive hit with celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne who went for the all over Purple hue pastel tone just like CHANEL showcased in their Mary Antoinette themed show, or Lauren Conrad who took inspiration from OSCAR DE LA RENTA's show which incorporated colourful Pastel (clip in) streaks.



(Oscar de la Renta)

This Summer why not go for the plunge and ask your Stylist for a Pastel Toner to completely change your look !

Or why not take inspiration from 2012's trend of Hair Chalk and play around with your Bleach Blonde or darker Brunette locks for a Soft yet Edgy look !


Hair Chalk is versatile, easy to apply and remove and non-permanent.  It looks great on lighter locks, yet can also add a dash of mystery in a darker style.  Apply Hair Chalk on dry hair for best results.

Go Get Creative !

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