Saturday, 17 March 2012

Tip of the Day !

Tip of the Day :> When you desperately needing your colour done, please do not opt for the box of home colourant. You hear professionals saying a lot, that getting your hair done professionally is better for the condition of your hair. A lot fo the time, this is never explained in depth whereas the reason for this.

Professionals : If you do not educate the client thoroughly, do not expect them... to take your advice.

Allow me to explain.
Home colourant contains a specific colour shade, depth and tone. It also contains a specific strength of peroxide. Most of the time, home colourants contain a peroxide that is wrong for the clients hair type. This is because they can only add 1 type of strength and as this is added for both darkening your hair, or lightening it, dependant on the natural base of the user, this is where the hair can Over or Under process.

When a professional colourist examines your hair, this is done individually. Each case is different. The colour is then mixed accordingly. Your natural base, your natural tones, the amount of grey hair and your requests are all taken into consideration and this is how the ideal colour is calculated for the individual - being You the client.

When you use a home colourant, most people never check the packaging on the ingredients nor the peroxide strength. Hair colouring is all to do with calculations, and if you don't have any knowledge on this it is most likely that you will be left with a different result than what you wanted initially. This is because of all the different factors about your hair that affect the colouring process.

This is my explanation and I hope it has informed all you home dye users out there. If you want optimal results, go and see a Professional ;)

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