Monday, 19 March 2012

Tip of the Day !

Tip of the Day ! : Use your Straighteners correctly.

They're a big part of my life and I'm sure a lot of you will agree ! A third of all women use hair straighteners regularly. And 25% of online Straightener purchases are now being made by men !

Here's how to use them correctly to avoid damage to your hair:

1 - Always make sure you are using heat protection ! You can apply it immediately after you have washed your hair as a leave in, or you can spray it on as you go along. Either way, this WILL help. It seals the cuticle so that it's protecting the hair from the heat damage. Most protection products also contain moisturising ingredients and some have ingredients to add shine too. (A good option is the GHD-protection spray which comes in 3 different types - for fine, medium and coarse hair.)

2 - Use sectioning clips and a comb. Start at the back of the nape working upwards to that you cover each part of your hair. This will ensure an evenly straight result and you will not have any bumps or wavy parts.
This also helps prevent damage as you are only needing to go over each section a few times, so you are not over exposing it to heat.
Also, if you spray each section with your protection spray, you ensure an even coverage all throughout the hair and you won't have missed out any parts !

3 - Check your straightener. The most common straightener currently being the GHD is widely used in salons over the globe. Its success is due to 2 factors. The heat setting is one that most hairtypes work with well, and can endure. The second reason is a vital factor (remember this!) - The hot plates are completely ceramic.
Ceramic plates ensure a smoothe surface that the hair can simply glide through.
There are many cheaper alternative imitation straighteners out there can contain only a Ceramic Coating. Once this coating wears off, it will start to pull and damage the hair when it's in use.

So the morals of this story are : Protect the hair, Section the hair and Purchase your straightener wisely ! ;)

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