Friday, 23 March 2012

Tip of the Day !

Tip of the day : Speak Your Mind !


Have you ever felt unsatisfied with your hair after a visit to your Stylist ?

This often happens when there is a barrier in the communication between the professional and the client.

You, as the client can help prevent this from happening. Don't be shy to say what you want ! You may think you have too many requirements or that you are being too picky, but us Stylists actually prefer that !

Go into as much depth as needed and pin-point what is important to you. This will create a better understanding from both sides, help aid the consultation, and will get you feeling more comfortable knowing that your stylist is aware of your exact expectations !

The more information that can be given about your ideal hairstyle, the better !

Even when the Hairstyle is dried and being finished off, you still have the option to have small changes made to the style.

Communication is Key

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