Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Advanced Tip !

Advanced Tip - How to hold your style

When you have blow dried your hair into the desired style, weither it be big waves, short volume or any other style that needs holding, you need to finish it off with some spray for extra hold and protection against humidity.

A great method to do so, whilst keeping all built in volume is the following :

Use your hairdryer on a slow-medium setting to blow
air into the style - whilst spraying the hairspray into the hair simultaneously ( as I mentioned at the start of this Tip, this is an advanced method which is great to use as a stylist on your clients ! )

Ensure you are not spraying too much at a time. The hairdryer will really separate the hairspray and ensure the hair is coated evenly, whilst also giving that 'model standing in front of a fan photo-shoot look'.

(When trying this method on yourself, ensure you are holding both the hairdryer and the hairspray can at least 30cm away from the head.)

Give it a shot !

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