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Product Review : Wella Lifetex Colour Protection Shampoo


Product Review : Wella Lifetex Colour Protection Shampoo

For the past 3 years I have been using the same Matrix shampoo, which is definately my favorite brand for shampoo and conditioning products on my hair.  However, here in Malta I have not been able to find my beloved Matrix products anywhere !  So I had to go and find an alternative.

In the town where I am currently living (Sliema) there is a Wella shop.  They sell their products to professionals only which is great in my opinion (as it is a professional brand) and the prices are not too bad either.  I actually went into the shop to buy some tint for a client, when Igot 2 testers of this shampoo for free ! I had never used this on my hair before.  I had used the SP range before when I worked for one of the Regis salons in Edinburgh a couple of years ago, but I know the SP range can be quite heavy on my hair. 

I was very skeptical at first, as I am one of those people who stick to a product they like and never change it (lol), but I had to at least give it a try right ? 

The packaging I think is the old packaging.  I am not sure if they have renewed the Lifetex series just as they did with the SP range, but I do know that the Wella shop had the old SP range products, which indicates that they are a bit behind.  But the packaging was nice, pink in colour.
The scent was quite a flowery creamy smell.  Very sweet, yet it does smell creamy, almost milky. 

This product is supposed to offer up to 58% more colour protection.  Which is great in a hot country with the U.V rays of the sun and the chlorine in the pools, you definately need to purchase products that will effectively protect your hair from those elements.

So my first impressions were good.  Now for the testing part.
So the product is a thick consistency, which is good so that you dont have to use a lot of it. (Out of the 50ML tester bottles, I got about 3 uses out of each small bottle.)  I always shampoo my hair twice to ensure a thorough cleanse, and to really get the product to 'do its thang'.
The shampoo had a good lather, and emulsified very nicely.  After the second shampoo my hair literally felt squeeky clean.


I was pleasantly surprised with this product, as I have always thought of the Lifetex series as the cheaper alternative to the SP range.  I never expected it to be this good !

Great smell, great consistency, lovely usage, and it left a great shine on my hair afterwards.

Definately will purchase this product when my testers run out, and I will let you guys know about the exact price over here.  I will obviously get it for a 'trade-price' which will be slightly cheaper than what you would buy it in the salons for I would assume.

I'll give this shampoo 4.5 out of 5 stars !

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