Friday, 15 June 2012

Product Review : LAKME K-Style Hot Iron Spray

Product Review : LAKME K-Style Hot Iron Spray

The most VITAL styling tool needed for any girl (or fashionably sensitive boy ;) ) that uses a lot of heated equipment on their hair, is a heat protection spray.  The heat protection works by being activated when it comes in touch with extremely hot conditions - Which in my case is my 200 degree GHD hair styler.

I use my GHD's very regularly.  Almost daily I must say.  I have to use several products and reconstructurants to ensure that my hair stays in optimal condition. 

The LAKME K-Style Hot Iron Spray was new to me.  My previous hot iron sprays have included :

Matrix Gold Heat - which I found quite heavy.  Better for coarser hair types.

GHD Heat Protect Spray - which they have to suit both fine to normal and normal to coarse hair types.

I have been looking for a professional salon heat protection spray that was both within my price budget of 15 euros, (as I was out of pocket at the end of that month, due to my extravagant make up addiction *oops* ) and that was not too heavy for my fine-medium caucasian hair type.

So I decided to give this one a go.  The price was great, only € 10,40 (which is around £ 8 ) for a 250ML container.  The packaging is very classy, and I love the nozzle which has a small amount of movement when being pushed, so that the product that sprays out is just enough to cover a section of hair without it being overbearing.  Very smart. 
This product also has a Level 3 holding power (out of a rank of 5),  I LOVE that.  I prefer it to have a bit of hold as it will keep my hair tamed more than it would without the slight hold.  The level 3 hold still allows the product to keep the hair flexible.
The smell of the product is not anything special.  Just smells like a hair product, not really any other way to describe the scent of this.

It is best to use this when sprayed directly onto the dry section of hair, although I always prefer to spray some in when wet as well.  I feel that when I comb product through when my hair is wet, it is evened out nicely by the mixture of the product and the water, throughout the midlengths and ends of my hair.  Then I add slightly more when dry too for total protection..


After I had used this to straighten my hair, my hair was soft and shiny but not soft to the point where it becomes static. The product has lived up to it's expectations and for the price, I would definately repurchase !

I'll give this product 4.2 out of 5 stars !

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  1. After having used this product for several weeks, I have to inform you guys that I do feel that it could do with more moisturizing qualities as it does ok to protect, but I do need to use serum daily to keep my ends sleek and not feeling dry and brittle. Therefor I am going to have to change my rating from a 4.2 to a 3.9 for this product !