Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Product Review : LAKME Ultra Clair Shampoo

Product Review : LAKME Ultra Clair Shampoo

I bought this product at a salon at the very reasonable price of around €8,- (which is around £6.50 at the current exchange rate I think ! ). I wasn't specifically searching for a cheap option, but as I had already gone into a couple of salons looking for a violet-toned (yellow/brassy tone fighting) shampoo, I thought I may as well give it a shot.

The reason I purchased a violet shampoo, was to slightly tone down the goldness of my warm medium-light blonde locks. I wanted to see how much a cool toned shampoo would actually do to my hair, before I went down the chemically toning road.

Here in Malta there are quite a few salons using the Italian LAKME brand. I have never used any of their products on myself or any of my clients, but I am always open to trying new product ranges and testing their products on myself are always the best way for me to be able to give advice to others.

So the product is a very dark almost aubergine colour, and it is quite runny for a shampoo. This doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, but it will more than likely mean that you will use more of the shampoo and because of that run out of the shampoo faster than what you would with a thicker one. The product smells very nice, fresh and almost fruity. I always shampoo my hair, and the hair of my clients twice, to ensure a thorough cleanse. With the first shampoo, the product was not quite as emulsifying (frothy) as I thought it would be, but with the second it was definately foaming up nicely (Usually a shampoo froths up more when more water ans friction is used, so with the first shampoo, this is usually a lot less than the second, as the hair absorbs more water into the cuticle itself by adding shampoo).

The product was quite messy on my white bathroom tiles, but that is what you have to deal with when using these toning shampoos. It was easy to clean off when rinsing the shower after use.

After drying my hair, I was not quite as impressed as I thought I would have been with a toning shampoo. Especially as I left the first lot of shampoo on for 15 minutes, to really sink into the hair and deposit some tone. I know that these shampoos have to be used repetitively for proper results, but I have had better results on a single use with other products like Paul Mitchells Platinum Blonde Shampoo on clients.

Quite a nice product for a regular, reasonably priced salon brand shampoo.

I would not recommend this to my clients who are wanting to keep their blonde clear and cool as I feel that the tone isn't depositing enough.

I would personally not repurchase.

I'll give this shampoo 2.5 out of 5 stars.


  1. I have tried using products like this before to tone down my hair but they never worked how I wanted them too!

    Tanesha x

    1. It always depends on how warm your hair is. I think these shampoo's work best on platinum blonde's because their hair is more porous because of the bleaching, it will take more of the violet tone into the hair. With warmer hair that has more tone, the difference the shampoo makes is almost unrecognisable. You would need to tone it down with tint and a mixture of the correcting tones to ensure the warmth is toned down to an extent that is actually visible ! x